Fisheries minister tours tidal wave devastated communities
The minister of fisheries and aquaculture Development has reiterated government resolve to help boost fishing activities in the country.

Date Created : 6/15/2017 5:10:04 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shirimori/

She has therefore urged Fisher folks to have faith in the Nana Addo led government as it roles out measures to improve the industry.



Mrs. Elizabeth Afoley was addressing Fisher folks in communities affected by last Sunday's tidal wave in the Keta and Ketu South Municipalities when she toured the affected communities.



The minister who empathize with the people for their loss also noted that they are not the only ones affected instead the effect is felt nationwide.


As such, her visit was to empathize with them but more importantly assess the extent of damage to help inform the kind and level of assistance to extend to the affected people.



She assured the people particularly those who lost their fishing equipment that government will not fold its arms and watch their business go down the drain instead the needed help will be given them after a thorough assessment.


One the tidal wave devastation, the minister said the various ministries that have roles to play in resolving the situation will collaborate and take the necessary steps to help mitigate effects of such natural occurances on the people. However, the fisheries ministry will continue and steps up the construction of landing beaches designed especially to reduce the effects of the tidal waves on residents.



She visited Vodza, Kedzi, and Hove in the Keta Municipality where 6 canoes were destroyed, some beyond repairs, outboard motors damaged, with fishing nets either destroyed or buried in the sand and for 3 days the fishermen were unable to salvage the nets. 


At Blekusu in the ketu South municipality, where about 1700 residents that have been rendered homeless have been provided shelter in classroom blocks, NADMO was distributing relief items including mattresses, rice, blanket, mosquito net and coils, plastic bucket and cups, as well as soap to victims.



The Municipal chief executive of Ketu South, Edem Elliot Agbewornu assured the people that Amandi Company Limited will soon return to site to continue with the sea defence project that will secure them from the havoc visited on them on yearly basis.

Meanwhile, the affected individuals who lost their fishing equipment have appealed to the government through the minister to ensure help in the form of boats, nets, outboard motors are provided them to start their business since their livelihoods have been lost to the disaster, and they have nothing to depend on now.