Churches must play active role in controlling teenage pregnancy – TCH CEO
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Community Hospitals in Ghana, Mr. Alexander Akwasi Acquah has called on churches and all religious bodies to make provision for programs to educate teenagers in most of our rural areas in order to control or eradicate teenage pregnancy in the Ghanaian communities.

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“I feel much worried to see teenagers in the hospitals for anti-netal care even though pregnancy is a gift from God but not on the side of teenagers”, he said.

He further added that, it is a bit worrying to see teenagers looking after young babies whilst they have fewer ideas on how to bring up a child of good behavior.

He therefore appealed to parents and other authorities to assist our churches and religious bodies to educate teenagers on the implications of teenage pregnancy on teenagers since they are not matured enough to look after babies and also, its burden on the economy.

Mr. Alexander Akwasi Acquah said this at the inauguration of Diamond Field Conference of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church at Akyem Oda old town Public Park where he was invited as the guest speaker of the programme.

He then concluded that, as the CEO of community hospitals, he will continue to appeal to Ghanaian churches and religious bodies to play key role in controlling of teenage pregnancy in the Ghanaian communities since he witnesses numerous pregnant teenagers in his hospital which doesn’t speak positively on Ghana’s image to other countries.

Mr Akwasi Acquah is the CEO of The Community Hospitals Group which has its branches at Ashongman Estate, Kaneshie, Ashaiman, Kukurantumi, Akim Oda and Somanya.