Mega Joy Company launches Korea Red Ginseng drink with honey
Mega Joy Company Limited, marketers of Drop Fruit Drink, have introduced a new product, Korea Red Ginseng with honey into the Ghanaian market at a launch at Circle -Odawna GPRTU New Station.

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Korea Red Ginseng drink with honey is an organic non-alcoholic, non-caffeine based drink without preservatives.

Korea Red Ginseng drink combines the benefits of Red Ginseng and honey to offer alternative to all the energy drinks.

The Red Ginseng offers the following benefits: strengthening the immune system, anti-aging properties, nutritional balance, balance in blood circulation, strong stamina, anti-fatigue. The honey on the other hand ensures blood pressure balance, eases pain, and skin care.

The CEO of Mega Joy Company Limited, Mr. Sam Ernest said the product is carefully produce by Kwangdong Pharmaceutical Company Limited based in South Korea. He noted that the product is produced using food-based ingredients to provide the public with essential nutrients for strength and vitality.

Leadership of the drivers’ union urged their members to be mindful of the health implications of foods and drinks they take, adding that the Korea Red Ginseng drink with honey should be their ultimate drink for energy and vitality. He advised them to desist from caffeine based drinks which have dire consequences to them over time.