AMENFI W: Winrock International improves tenure security to support 182 cocoa farmers
Winrock International, an international non-governmental organization operating in the country which aims at improving lives and status of most communities embarked on a 10 month pilot program to improve security to support sustainable cocoa projects in Amenfi West district in the western region.

Date Created : 12/30/2017 12:55:54 AM : Story Author : Wise Zah/

The pilot program which ended successfully in December 2017 was supported by USAID, Tenure and Global Climate Change (TGCC),Tetra Tech and Hershy.

In a grand durbar to hand over the successful and completed documents to the beneficiary farmers in the beneficiary community at Nyame Nnae in Amenfi West district, the country manager for Winrock International, Dr. Yaw Adarkwah Antwi said the aim of the project was to assist farmers get valid documents to cover their farm lands and also assist cocoa farmers cut down their old cocoa farms and replace them with young ones.

Dr. Adarkwah said Winrock International has taken upon itself to support 10 cocoa farmers in Nyame Nnae to cut down their old cocoa farms and replace them with young ones.

According to Dr. Adarkwah, during the 10 months pilot program, 182 cocoa farmers’ farms were surveyed, measured and successfully documented. Out of these 182 cocoa farmers, 16 of these farmers were customary free hold (citizens), 88 farmers were caretakers and 78 of these farmers were those who were given land to farm after the cocoa has grown, then the land owners and the farmers will share the farms according to the document signed or agreement reached.

Dr. Adarkwah applauded the people of Nyame Nnae for cooperating with Winrock International staff to initiate a successful project within the postulated duration since similar project took place in Liberia but it took them 3 years before they were able to complete.

In a speech delivered by the representative from Hershey Ghana limited, Mr. Albert Mark was grateful to chiefs, elders and entire people of Nyame Nnae community for their support and cooperation to enable them to complete the project successfully.

He said through the collaboration between them and the Nyame Nnae community, Hershey was able to provide food items to be prepared and given to school children of Nyame Nnae.

Mr. Albert Mark appealed to the people of Nyame Nnae to take their health seriously because with good health, they will be able to work hard and take good care of their children and family at large.

The Akonbiahene and acting chief of Asankragwa division area Nana Kwesi Addae lauded Winrock International, USAID, Tenure and Global Climate Change (TGCC), Tetra Tech and Hershy for collaborating and assisting the 182 cocoa farmers in measuring and surveying their lands and documenting them so that in the near future there wouldn’t be any misunderstanding amongst owners and cocoa farmers in case of death.

Nana Addae said government cannot do this let alone the farmers since this project involves a whole lot of money.

He appealed to Winrock International to consider other communities if they want to extend the project in the near future.