KWABRE E: MCE meets artisan groups in preparation for “AnweneE” Festival
“AnweneE” in the Akan dialect literally means artisan, therefore Kwabreman will be celebrating the Kwabre ‘AnweneE’ Festival in order to bring all inhabitants of Kwabre together to project their culture and craft to the outside world for development.

Date Created : 7/6/2018 8:58:14 AM : Story Author : Theresa Workartey /

The Municipal Chief Executive of Kwabre East Assembly, Nana Osei Asibey Bonsu indicated that when one talk of Kwabre, it does not only consist of those within the Assembly but rather goes as far as to Ejisu, Kodie, Agona and Mampong land, adding that the Manhyia Palace is also on Kwabre land.

He said it is an opportunity to bring the people, far and beyond to come back to their hometown since most of them seems to have lost their roots.

According to the MCE, Kente weaving originated from Kwabreman, alongside other craft designs like beads making, Adinkra designs in Ghana, adding that celebrating such a festival will showcase all their art works to the world.

He further went round the municipality to meet up with the artisans, to encourage and support them, adding that they should mostly use what they create in order to entice others when they see it.

He said the launch date for the festival is on 22nd July, 2018. However he asked all inhabitants of Kwabre that before and even after the launch of the festival, they should wear clothes with a touch of kente.

The people expressed their profound gratitude to the MCE for taking such initiative and said they will do their best to bring their finest designs to the launch, in order to help develop and project their work to the world.