Canadian investors to establish cattle ranch in Kintampo
Canadian investors led by Mr. Hedahe Cameron, Canada High Commissioner to Ghana are set to establish a cattle ranch in Kintampo Municipality in the Brong Ahafo Region, the first of its kind in Ghana.

Date Created : 5/22/2018 4:20:31 AM : Story Author : Rufina Yuoni/

At Dawadawa No.2, a suburb of Kintampo, where the ranch would be established, about 70km square piece of land has been acquired by the Municipal Chief Executive of Kintampo (MCE) Mr. Michael Sarkodie in consultation with chiefs and land owners in the municipality to kick start the project

In a follow up meeting last year December 2017, Kintampo Municipal Assembly held a meeting with the investors and some Fulani herdsmen, cattle owners, farmers, party representatives and some assembly men of the municipality in connection with the investment of the cattle ranch project in the municipality. Dr. Emmanuel G. Lanz, president- Global Executive Agro Solution was the representative sent on behalf of the Canadian Government on this project.

The Member of Parliament (MP), Mr. Kwasi Etu Bondy for Kintampo North and the Municipal Chief Executive of Kintampo Mr. Michael Sarkodie spearheaded the project to be carried out in Kintampo Municipality as the first district in Ghana to undertake the project.

On May 19, 2018, the MP Mr. Kwasi Etu Bondy and the MCE Michael Sarkodie hosted the delegation from Canada and some Ghanaians in the municipality to discuss the way forward of the project.

Both the MCE and the MP said the establishment of the ranch would reduce the stealing of cattle’s in the communities. It would also reduce cattle disease because all cattle’s would be vaccinated to improve their health as they would be confined to a place or area and monitored.

Mr. Hedahe Cameron Canada High commissioner (front) and Ayikoi Otoo Ghana Ambassador to Canada and investors touring the land at Dawadaw No. 2

People would also have safe meat and milk for consumption. The initiative will also create employment for the youth since milk factory, cheese factory and leather production factory could be established among others.

There were a group of Fulanis from Kumasi led by their Chief, Alhaji Osuman Bin Mohamed, the Co-founder of Surubaba Foundation and he is the chairman of cattle owners committee in Ghana.

The group held a meeting with the chief and owns of the land. The land owners appreciated the initiative and MP. The investors later toured the ranching area.

Hon. Ayikoi Otoo the Ambassador of Ghana to Canada led the delegation to ensure that this project was success and to testify the readiness of government in investment projects in the country.

The Canada High Commissioner was accompanied by Ghana High Commissioner Hon. Ayikoi Otoo. Others were Mr. Dave Burdek, assistant Deputy Minister(Canada), Mr. Samuel Boateng, International Initiatives Officer(Canada), Mr. Dan Daley, Dean School of Trades Olds College(Canada), Miss. Can Vinke, Sustainable Development Director, Viresco Solutions (Canada), Mr. George Addai, Geosanda Consulting (Ghana) Mr. Peter Fiamor, Trade Commissioner and Dr. Emmanuel Gyau Lanz who was sent last year on behalf of the Canadian government.