Double Track system in Wenchi - so far so good
As part of governments’ policy to improve upon admissions of students into the Senior High School to pursue higher academic learning, the Ministry of Education has introduced the double track system in some selected institutions across Ghana, notably institutions with higher intake of students at the beginning of each academic year.

Date Created : 9/14/2018 8:14:27 AM : Story Author : E D K Tottimeh Jnr/

As of early Friday morning the 14th September, 2018, a total number of 740students out of a total of 965 have been successfully admitted into the Wenchi Methodist Senior High School, the only school in the municipality partaking in the tracking system.

In an interview with the Assistant Headmaster in-charge of Administration Mr. Sampson Amankwah he noted that so far the process of admitting the new students have been successful.

He disclosed that the school had even started the admissions of the double track students some few days before other institutions commenced.

He said out of the total number, only 450 can be admitted into the boarding facilities.

He said the school had enough classroom facilities to accommodate the students but lacked dormitories to house them.

The Assistant Headmaster lamented that 2 of its on-going dormitory projects have been abandoned for over 3 years and the contractors were nowhere to be found.

He explained that if those facilities are completed it could house about 1000 students. He further appealed to the Ministry of Education to come to their aide to ensure completion of the abandoned projects.

The three storey girls dormitory is been built by GETfund whilst the name of the company putting up the boys 2 storey dormitory could not be immediately identified.

Some parents are however complaining about their wards inability to get accommodation on campus though they have come from a far distance to attend school, nonetheless they are also thankful to government for the introduction of the Free SHS as it had come to release them from a number of what they termed as burden on them.

A section of teachers who spoke on condition of anonymity suggests that government allows them to implement a system whereby some of the courses would be taught this semester whilst the other remainder will be implemented during the next track period.

Their claims are that in some of the courses records they have shown that a hand full of students were billed for the term whilst majority of the rest of the students in that same program will come in the next track.

The Wenchi Methodist Senior High School is one of the very few schools in the country that combine teaching of visually impaired to other students.