Ashongman Estate Bridge to Down road under construction
The suffering of road users on the 1.4 kilometer Ashongman Bridge - Down road along the Ashogman Estate road will soon be a thing of the past following ongoing construction works on the road.

Date Created : 7/12/2018 3:25:21 AM : Story Author : Princilla Asante/

Road users, both pedestrians and drivers have hard times plying the road because of its bumpy nature, forcing drivers to incur huge maintenance costs on regular basis.

The road during the raining season get muddy and the potholes get worsened because of erosion, while the dry season comes with heavy dust that causes a lot of inconveniences to residents in nearby houses.

However, with work currently ongoing on the road residents are assured of improved travelling experience on the road.

Contractors are busily working on the drainage system on both sides of the road to improve free flow of water to reduce erosion.

Speaking with Richard Eddie, the foreman in charge of the construction of the drains, he mentioned that the drains are only one part of the contract, adding work will also be done on the road itself just after the completion of the drains.

“Our focus is not only on the gutters but also on the road as well. Because as we want to enhance on the free flow of waters, we want to also end the bumping on the road for easy travelling”, he stated.

The people who sell by the road side and those whose houses are by the road expressed gratitude to the government for the efforts adding, it will clear dust on their roads and also have proper drainage system.

Some sellers lament on the difficulties they are going through because of the dust but they have been assured of the completion of the gutters and the road as soon as possible.