Ketu South Parliamentary Election Race: I will never endorse any aspirants - Fifi kwetey
The Member of Parliament for the Ketu South Constituency, Fifi Fiavi Kwetey has reiterated his resolve not to seek reelection to parliament come election 2020.

Date Created : 1/28/2019 4:28:53 AM : Story Author : Edwin Kwame Amemasor/Scorpion Fm

Over the weekend the MP met a known group called ‘Friends of Fifi Kwetey’, the group responsible for ensuring his victories in the two successive parliamentary elections in the constituency were the last group of people the member of parliament chose to announce his desire not to contest a third term.

Having already made it public to branch executives and other opinion leaders amidst cornucopias displeasure, he told the gathering it was proper and principle for him to finally inform the group officially about his insipidity to parliamentary works.

Ketu South which is a bulwark and a political palladium of the NDC will witness inarguably the fiercest parliamentary primaries in the history of the constituency.

With the number of people who desire to contest reaching twelve (12), the MP was categorical and diaphanous in stating his position not to overtly or covertly endorse or support any prospective aspirant. He said he has already met some aspirants and hope to meet others.

He continued to admonish the group to look for a dedicated, committed and tried and tested person with much cloud. He promised to help anyone leverage on his resourcefulness if he or she gets the blessing of God and the good people of Ketu South.

The MP thanked the group for supporting him and ask the group members to support anyone they deem fit.

He also took the opportunity to educate the well cultured group some developments in the NDC party and preparations being made for the former presidents arrival.