Kumawu: DCE commends security agencies
The District Chief Executive of Sekyere Kumawu, Samuel Addai Agyekum has commended the security agencies in the district and beyond for their pro- activeness.

Date Created : 5/22/2018 5:13:06 AM : Story Author : Theresa Workartey/

He indicated that, the road between Wonoo and Akotosu has been known for incidence of armed robbery over the period, but due to the pro-activeness of the security agencies in the district, the assembly has recorded zero armed robbery cases on that road.

At the Assembly meeting held at Kumawu, the DCE said as a way of increasing security and possibly flashing out perpetrators of these crimes, the security have stepped up their surveillance and patrol team.

Mr. Addai Agyekum added that as part of the measures to increase police visibility and coverage in the district, the Wuraso police station was commissioned and operational to cater for the district corridor that leads to Asokore.

He also noted that a police station is being constructed near Akotosu Township which is at roofing level, adding that the assembly has procured two motor bikes for the police administration and to intensify their patrol.