BONO-EAST: Regional Minister visits MDAs
The Bono-East Regional Minister, Kofi Amoakohene who doubles as the MP for Atebubu- Amantin and his deputy, Matin Oti Gyarko also MP for Techiman North embarked on a working visit to all the MDA’s and traditional authorities in the Bono-East Region.

Date Created : 8/13/2019 3:33:19 AM : Story Author : Aziz Abubakar Bagya/

The MCE for Techiman Municipal, Kofi Donyinah briefing the entourage described security of the Municipality as calm and peaceful and stressed that security is very important for development, and assured the Minister of a very strong and capable workforce in the Municipality and call on all to renew their support for the Regional Minister.

The Minister also assured all staff that his doors are always open, he urged staff to be unique on their work and come out with good initiatives that will help develop the Region. He caution staff to avoid lateness and drunkenness that will retire the development of the Region but rather but more efforts to improve Revenue mobilization.

He added that the Bono-East Region is not Develop to the expectation of the President of the Republic and they cannot afford to fail the president. He said as the first Regional Minister of the Bono- East Region he came with all conviction and ready to improve on the living standard of the people, improve on quality education, provision of good roads, and employment in the Region.

He urged staff to uphold on the six service delivery stands on the local government service as a benchmark for measuring and managing their performance, he highlighted on the six service deliver standards that talks about: Participation, Professionalism, Client Focus, Transparency, efficient and effective use of resources and Accountability.

Mr Amoakohene emphasized that leadership is all about given people the platform to explore and all experience staff are welcome in the Region. He seized the opportunity to thank all those who fought for the creation of the Bono-east Region.

At Techimanhene palace

The regional minister also visited the Techimanhene palace and was received by Nana Owusu Jari on behalf of Techimanhene.

The Regional Minister thank Nananom and the Zongo chiefs present at the palace and said this was his maiden visit to Nananom since he resumed office as the regional Minister. He showed his appreciation to Nananom for accepting their invitation despite the short notice,

He explained to Nananom that the Bono-East region had come to stay and his much grateful for their support in the creation of the region, he assured Nananom to always correct them any time they go wrong in the discharge of their duties, because the failure of the region is the failure of all.

He added that the creation of the Region brought unity in the chieftaincy institution since all chiefs were involved in the fight, he stress that without unity they well be no peace. He told Nananom that the President wants the new Regions to be uplifted than the old once and so the need for all hand.

The minister said the plans of the regional coordinating council (RCC) this year 2019 is to build the offices of the Regional coordinating Council and four additional Quarters for the Region. Touching on roads the minister said documents have being submitted to the Ministry of Roads for the construction of 42km road network in the region.

He assured Nananom of the plans the Regional Coordinating Council is putting in place to organize educational Forum in the Region to improve the educational sector. He said all the intellectuals in the region will be brought on board to help plan and develop the Region.

Security Issues

Touching on Security, the Minister said the Regional Police Commander is yet to come to the Region and so security planning for the region is not fully covered but for the time being the policemen on the ground are doing their best to provide security for the region.