500 Acacia seedlings planted to mark World Water Day at Mampong
Residence of Mampong and its environs have been urged to protect and preserve our water bodies and vegetation for the continuous survival of man.

Date Created : 4/18/2018 6:28:04 AM : Story Author : Emmanuel Boakye Ansah/Ghanadistricts.com

This was made known during a tree planting exhibition to commemorate this year’s world water day.

About 500 Acacia tree seedlings noted for its stunning yellow arranged cylindrical clusters were distributed to selected schools to plant on their compound to provide shade as well as check erosion.

The short but colourful event was attended by Mr. Richard Amankwaa Kuffour, Snr Lecturer and Head of Science Education, Dr. Emmanuel Dartey ,dean ,Faculty of Science and Environment, Mr. Charles Asiedu, Municipal Environmental Health Officer, Mr. Jacob Amoah, Municipal Health Director, Mr. Emmanuel Boakye Ansah, Information Officer, Miss Evelyn Acquah ,Assistant Director who represented the Municipal Chief Executive, and the media.

Addressing students of Saahene primary and JHS where the exhibition exercise was undertaken, Dr. Richard Amankwa Kuffour explained that the existence of the trees helps in the covering of the earth surface so that the water will penetrate down to the soil.

He drew the gathering’s attentions to the negative effects of the indiscriminate cutting of trees as having an unwelcoming toll on the ozone layer whereby carbondioxide that is harmful to human beings but absorbed by plants are left roaming in the atmosphere.

The head of science education again disclosed that cutting of trees along water bodies affects the water bodies causing it to dry up killing fishes and other living things in the water.

Mr. Charles Asiedu, municipal environmental health officer revealed that it was the assembly’s priority to ensure that all water bodies were protected by planting trees along their boundaries.

He called on all stakeholders including opinion leaders to ensure that trees that would be planted in the entire municipality were protected, cared for so as to ensure our continuous survival.

Before ending his speech, the sanitation chief disclosed that the municipal assembly had enacted some bye-laws that sought to protect the vegetation of the municipality and that it was very necessary for all to work within the confines of that law.