AMENFI W: ICT centre for Samanboe, Asankragwa, Asankra Breman
The government through the Amenfi West District Assembly has built information, communication technology (ICT) centres in three communities in the Amenfi West District in the Western Region.

Date Created : 9/5/2016 6:00:59 AM : Story Author : Dominic Shirimori/

Samanboe, Asankragwa, and Asankra Breman are the beneficiary towns with work on the first two completed while Asankra Breman is still under construction.

These projects the district Chief Executive for the area, Victor Samuel K. Mesu noted are aimed at positively impacting on the lives of the people, as different groups would depend on these facilities for various reasons.

While students would find it suitable to acquire skills in ICT, others will also use it for their research works among others.

He said government has shown its determination to bridge the ICT knowledge gap between the rural dwellers and their counterparts in the urban centres to create opportunities for all since the current work market requires people with some levels of skills and knowledge in ICT.

He advised students to patronize these facilities and focus on getting something positive from the centres to make them competitive enough when the time comes.