Offinso North: Public tasked to ensure spirit of communal labour
The citizens of Offinso North have been tasked to ensure effective communal labour to enhance development in the district.

Date Created : 7/12/2018 3:39:44 AM : Story Author : Theresa Workartey /

The District Chief Executive, David Kwasi Asare said that he has taken the initiative to provide the communities with dustbins to ensure good environmental and safety health issues.

He noted that, the spirit of communal labour has decreased and urged the public to rekindle the spirit of communal labour on every Tuesday to ensure clean and safe environment.

Mr. D. K Asare said that he directed the education director of the district to ensure that pupils in the basic schools clean their streets and compound and also to make sure they dump refuse in the correct way.

He therefore called on Nananom, Assembly members, and the unit Committee to rally behind him to enhance the awareness creation by advising the citizenry to refrain from dumping refuse in drainage and on the streets but rather dump them in the bins provided.