DCE committed to improving quality of education
The Municipal Chief Executive of Prestrea Huni Valley, Mozart K. Owuh has emphasized his commitment in improving the quality of education in the District, as education remains their utmost priority during the 61st Anniversary celebration.

Date Created : 3/21/2018 3:22:26 AM : Story Author : Irene Kwakye/

He noted that teachers must explore all avenues to ensure that their students receive quality teaching and a better learning environment to pass their examinations and urged them to refrain from absenteeism and lateness to school which affects productivity.

The DCE stated that when it comes to academic performance, it is the duty of the teacher to ensure that the child gets the right tuition, adding that the poor performance of children in the Basic Certificate Education Examination (BECE) should not be put at the door steps of the students.

He further said teachers have acquired the requisite skills, knowledge and expertise and so students must not suffer setbacks in learning but rather pass their examination

The parade which drawn 35 Schools from the District Capital, Ghana Hairdressers and Beauticians Association, Ghana Tailors and Dressmakers Association, C10 Keep Fit Club, Gyendu Keep Fit Club, the Methodist Boys and Girls Brigade and Demonstrators of Free SHS among others graced the occasion.

Mr. Owuh said currently assembly is rolling out more Schools onto the School feeding Program which will help Children to remain in school for studies and to support needy parents in feeding their wards when they are in School.