Artisans Association of Ghana launches “JOBSDOTGO” to sustain business
The Artisans Association of Ghana (AAG) has expressed their disappointment over what they described as "failure" by successive governments to address their concerns in the national policies.

Date Created : 12/18/2018 4:30:16 AM : Story Author : William Dei-Gyau/

According to them, they have been sidelined by agencies starting from the media, event planners and subsequent governments despite claims and promises by past and present governments for the betterment of artisans, the reality is different.

Speaking to some artisans, reveals that most of the craftsman are unable to afford three square meals after a back breaking labour.

The President of the Association, Mr Gideon Bidor noted that "the Association has been sidelined had we have not seen a single person from the Ministries of Trade and Industry and Tourism Arts and Culture or any other government institution for over a decade to even ask about the challenges we face as artisans, let alone including us in the nation's planning or its budget".

"We need to plan for ourselves if the government has failed to plan for us. We have introduce JOBSDOTGO which is a service designed to be a substitute to the usual hide and seek we have been going through off late. It is designed for the Ghanaian who goes through a stressful and inconveniencing time to hire artisans for their jobs" Mr. Bidor revealed.

He explained further that; ”People resort to asking their neighbors, friends and relatives if they know of any artisan who can work for them. Artisans such as plumbers and painters are mobile people and it’s difficult getting one to work for you but when you contact a one stop shop like artisans Association of Ghana, you can easily get these people"

This service he promises will go a long way to ease the stress associated with finding a reliable artisan and less costly saying "we want to provide home owners with qualified artisans to work for them. Concerns have been raise on getting a good artisan for on projects".

In his education on how to use the JOBSDOTGO said "AirtelTigo customers should dial *380*1917# whiles Vodafone and MTN users shall dial *1917# to access the USSD channel to request for an artisan".

The JOBSDOTGO platform he hope will connect the general put to the right artisan they seek. We have over 40,000 artisans professionally trained in various programs such as masonry, carpentry, plumbing, electricals, steel bending, interior decoration, fashion designing, catering, painting and others.

He then encourage the general public to embrace this innovative concept which will save them time and money, whiles entreating all artisans to join the Artisans Association of Ghana to benefit from association's job matching platform and their capacity would be built as well.