EKMA assures residents of maximum security
Mr Kojo Acquah, Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Effia-Kwesimintsim Municipal Assembly (EKMA) in the Western Region has reiterated that security remained the utmost priority of his administration and assured residents of maximum security.

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Subsequently, the Municipal Security Council (MUSEC) and the Justice and Security Statutory Committee of the Assembly have been fully constituted to adjudicate issues concerning security in the Municipality.

Mr Acquah, who was speaking in a media engagement, said members of both MUSEC and the Committee were periodically engaged and resourced by Management to deal with all issues militating against peace, harmony and stability within the Municipality.

According to him, the Municipality had in the past dealt with a number of security issues including uproar by some residents of the Whindo Community.
He mentioned other security challenges to include, drug peddling by the youth in the communities and schools, increasing rate of thefts, robberies, and road accidents, among others.

In that regard, he said some security interventions and arrangements were adopted and rolled out by MUSEC within the Municipality to curtail the situation.

To deal with the security situation in the Municipality, he indicated that repairs and maintenance works had been done on some of the streetlights to improve upon visibility at night and to reduce crimes at night.

However, the MCE was quick to add that the Municipality had been calm despite the rates of incidences of crimes reported.

He pointed out that the security agencies continue to demonstrate a high level of commitment, responsiveness and urgency to issues that require their attention.

He added that some Assembly Members have initiated moves to form additional Community Watch Committees in their respective communities to complement the efforts of the security agencies.

He, therefore, encouraged all the residents to extend a helping hand to the security agencies within the Municipality in the discharge of their important duties to ensure the safety of all.

Mr. Acquah noted that when the citizenry and the security services worked together, they could be assured of safety and as a result, channel their energies and resources into building other sectors of the Municipality.