Sanitation Minister calls for sanitation consciousness
Minister of Sanitation and Water Resources, Cecilia Abena Dapaah has said she does not need to visit places before issues with sanitation are carried out.

Date Created : 1/17/2019 7:47:36 AM : Story Author : Kwaku Sakyi-Danso/ghanadistircts.com

The Minister made this remarks when she paid unannounced visit to the Mallam Atta market in the Ayawaso Central sub Metro.

“When the President got report about conditions of meats at our various slaughter houses he held a meeting with the Health, Sanitation and Water Resources to find out the conditions hence my visit to see things for ourselves”, she told a group of journalists.

She visited meat sealers within the Mallam Atta market to see how hygienic they treat their meat before the consuming public goes to buy.

“You could not see too many flies but they can improve on the condition there, they should clean the floor with disinfectant once a while, as for the drains the Sub-Metro chair knows what should happen”.

In an interview, the Minister pointed out that if bye-laws are not enforced people would take advantage of the system. What we saw today is not good enough, she said.

As to whether she is encouraged with the crusade to keep Ghana clean with the visit done so far, “I am encouraged by the level of improvement we are seeing at the various visit, but I do not have to visit places for them to work, rather I should add more ideas in my visit, this country has a new President who means business”.

“We are his agent to make sure things work at the unit level, we have agents they already have powers as Assemblies and Sub-Metros they do not need to be empowered they have the power already to ensure we have clean environment”.

Again government has brought governance to the door step of every Ghanaian, that is why when we came in we could not go round without the boss here we want to go by the structures and government’s policy is to ensure that everything trickles down.

We are collaborators, you saw some people selling food and the place was nice, I commended them, I will by food from there, if the place is dirty I will not buy food from there because flies from there would sit on the food health and environmental hazard all this things that is why we came here she said.