ASANTE A S: Respect our freedom of worship and allow our children to cover their hair - Muslim leaders to school authorities
The leadership of the Answaar Youth Movement in the Ashanti Akyem South District has appealed to Public School Authorities in the country to respect their freedom of worship and allow their children to cover their hair to school as the Muslims teaching demands.

Date Created : 10/23/2018 11:30:31 AM : Story Author : William Dei-Gyau/

This appeal was made last Sunday by Mallam Amidu Wahabu, a leading member of the movement which seeks to support members in all endeavor in an interview with after a meeting with the representatives of Islamic scholars from the Eastern and Ashanti Regions to identify challenges confronting the Muslim Youth and the way forward in Kwahu Fodoa.

"We are pleading with the head-teachers of the various public schools especially the Community Day Senior High Schools to please respect our freedom of worship as stated in the 1992 constitution of Ghana article 21" "that all person shall have the freedom to practice any religion and to manifest such practice" "and allow our female students to cover their hair in whiles in school" Mallam Amidu Wahabu said.

According him, it has come to the notice of some Muslim clerics that some authorities of the Community Day Senior High Schools in the southern part of Ghana are intimidating their female Muslim students by preventing them from covering their hairs to schools.

He added that "further revelations indicate that some female Muslim students are asked to cut off their hair by school authorities after plaiting it and covered with vail as the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed (S.W.A) demands; a situation scholars in the Islamic religion have kicked against".

Mallam Wahabu further indicated that those Community Day Senior High Schools are not Mission Schools, hence their ward's legitimate right to cover their hair should not be intimidated by the authorities, since Ghana is not sorely for Christians; advocating that Muslims should be respected in public schools.

According to them the importation of artificial hairs and other irrelevant materials into the country are the cause of hardship we are experiencing today, and cautioned that it is an insult to the Ghanaian people since artificial hairs are forbidden in Muslim believe and every discerning worshipper in the world.

They ceased the opportunity to ask if we have ever seen a white lady cutting off her hair after alleging that Ghanaians have been deceived to cut of the hair of the young girl so that we will patronize their hair when our children are of age demanding long hair.

Mallam Amidu Wahabu then blame the recent sex scandals in our senior high schools on indecent dressing of our female students after calling on the Ghana Education Service and the government to quickly intervene to find lasting solution to their concerns as soon as possible.