The District has two (2) traditional paramountcies namely, Twifo and Denkyira, with each headed by an “Omanhene”. The Denkyira paramountcy celebrates “Odwira” as their festival at Jukwa (traditional capital of the Denkyiras) on the first Saturday of November during which many tourists visit the area.The Twifo paramountcy, on the other hand, celebrates “Tuanko” festival once in every August. During these festivals, disputes are settled among communities and family members. Developments and projects are also initiated in the communities.


The Akan ethnic group is the dominant group in the District.This is, however, dominated by two sub-groups of the Akan ethnic group, Twifo and Denkyira. There are however, 4 significant minority groups like the Ga-Dangme and Ewe representing about 3.4 percent and Ewe 9.1 percent of the total population of the district respectively.


Eight out of ten persons in the district profess Christianity, followed by Islam (about 6.8%) and Traditional Religion (about 1.1%). Adherents to traditional religion have popular shrines such as Bosom Kesie Shrine at Ayaase/Bepobeng. However, about 6.1 percent of the total population of the district is not affiliated to any religion.


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