The Yendi District Assembly was established in 1988 by P N D C Law 207and the Local Government Act; 462 Legislative Instruments 1443.  It is located in the Northern Region of Ghana.

Previously called the Eastern Dagomba District Council

Shares boundaries with eight other districts; Saboba/Chereponi , Zabzugu/Tatale, Nanumba North, East Gonja, Tamale Metropolitan, Savelugu/Nanton, Gushiegu and Karaga


5,350kmĀ² and Ranks 7th in size out of the 20 districts in the Northern Region.

Projected Population- 
185,433 (2011)

The Yendi District Assembly was elevated to a Municipal Assembly status by L I 1905 in 2007. The Assembly has full compliment of Decentralized Departments with the exception of the Urban Roads Department Ensuring the manpower base development of the district through sponsorship packages for would-be nurses, doctors and teachers.

 Ensuring good governance and grassroots participation through recruiting and training of staff for the Area Councils, as well as making the sub district structures functional.
Maintaining the momentum in the development process aimed at achieving metropolitan status. 


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