Literacy is measured by the ability to read and write in any language with understanding. The ability to read and write is essential for the population and the nation, as literacy not only enables people to access information on what goes on in all spheres of life, but also enhances vertical mobility in society.

Table 3.9 shows that 77.9 percent of the population 11 years and older in the district were literate in 2010. The level of literacy was higher for males (81.9%) than for females (60.5%). A higher percentage (64.0%) of the population in the district was literate in both English and a Ghanaian language, 15.0 percent were literate in English only, and 20.0 percent were literate in Ghanaian language. Only one percent could read and understand English, French and Ghanaian language (Figure 3.2).

With regard to literacy status by age and sex, Table 3.9 shows that the proportion of the population who are 11 years and older in the district, 15.0 percent are literate in English only Ghanaian language 19.9 percent and English and Ghanaian language are 64.0 percent. The table indicates that for persons 11-14 years, 24.3 percent are literate in English while for the age group 45-49 years 31.1 percent are literate in only a Ghanaian language with persons 15-19 years accounting for 72.8 percent being literate in both English and Ghanaian language. For persons 65 years and older, only 6.2 percent are literate in English, 15-19 years 8.7 percent in Ghanaian language and 40-44 years 56.9 literate in both English and a Ghanaian language.

The information about males depict that persons 11-14 years, 23 percent are literate in English only, with persons aged more than 65 years they are just a little over 4 percent (4.5%), for persons literate in Ghanaian language only, 40-44 years (23.4%) and 60-64 years (75.9%). The table also shows that for persons 15-19, 7.9 percent are literate in a Ghanaian language and with those 11-14 years, 62.8 percent are literate in both English and a Ghanaian language in the district.

A look at the table again shows that with females 11 years and older, the levels of literacy is not too different from what pertains with the males. For persons who are literate in English only it is persons in the age group 11-14 accounting for 25.4 percent that is greatest in the district and literacy in a Ghanaian language, it is 39.6 percent for age group 45-49 years and with respect to literacy in both English and a Ghanaian language, persons 11-14 years have 71.3 and those with the least is 50.0 for persons 40-44 years.

Data on the population 3 years and older by level of education, school attendance and sex for the Kwahu East district by is presented in Table 3.10. In 2010, 27,572 persons in the district are attending school. Of those who attending school, majority (90.7%) are attending school at the basic level of education (nursery, kindergarten, primary, and JHS) and 6.0 percent are at the Senior High School level. Only 2.0 percent are attending school at the tertiary level and less than one percent (0.9%) was attending vocational/technical/commercial schools. Similar proportions of males and females are attending school at the basic and secondary levels of education. However, relatively more males than females are benefiting from tertiary education (2.3% against 1.6%).

From the table, 40,059 persons 3 years and older have attended school in the past in the district. Overall, past school attendance follows similar pattern as current school attendance. Majority of the population (84.0%) have achieved basic education, 6.9 percent have attained post middle/SSS/SHS level of education and only 2.0 percent have attended tertiary institutions. For the sexes, more males than females have achieved secondary/SHS education (8.4% vs. 5.8%) and tertiary levels of education (5.6% vs. 2.2%), while more females than males have achieved basic education (88.2% vs.79.8%). This observation suggests that more females than males in the district tend to discontinue their education after the basic level of education.

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