Method of Waste Disposal

Table 8.12 presents the method of solid waste disposal by type of locality in the Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira District. Over 7 out of every 10 households (71.6%) in the district dispose of their solid waste through public dump (open space) -- 73.3 percent of urban and 70.9 percent of rural households use this dumping facility: Also, 2.5 percent of households use public dump (container) as a method of disposing waste whiles only 1.6 percent of households are served with door-to-door waste collected. On the basis of locality, Table 8.12 reveals that more rural households (12.4%) dispose their solid waste indiscriminately compared to urban households (3.5%).

Furthermore, Table 8.12 shows methods of liquid disposal by type of locality. More than half (54.1%) of households throw their liquid waste unto their compounds while 0.7 percent use the sewerage system in the district. The proportions of rural and urban households that throw liquid waste onto the compounds are 55 percent and 52 percent respectively. Only 0.2 percent of urban household dispose their liquid waste through sewerage as against 0.9 percent of rural households.


Date Created : 11/23/2017 4:20:29 AM