The district as you all  aware is plagued with a number of Religious, land and chieftaincy disputes of all complexions. We continue to spend precious time, energy and resource on the maintenance of peace as a result of disturbances emanating from land, religions or chieftaincy disputes. The most paramount of this is the Wa Chieftaincy issue. From 2001 to date the maintenance of law and order in the district particularly in Wa Township alone, has cost the Assembly ¢’48.4million.

We continue to tamper with our budget and shift gears occasionally in our operation to take care of situations we have not planned for. How long are we going to sacrifice the development of the district on the alter of security upkeep? This should serve as a food for thought for all of us here.

Indeed, only we ourselves can solve our own problems and therefore should initiate moves to reach out to each other. After all, we all claim to be one "TIJAA-BUNYINI" and we demonstrate this whenever any one of us falls into trouble.  Besides we sympathize with each other at funerals and exchange greetings after prayers all the time. These are healthy indications that, we feel for each other, and therefore should be prepared to sit down and talk to iron out our differences at least if not for ourselves but for our children.

It is against this background that I wish to commend Busa and Bihee Communities for burying their differences over the piece of land on which a school project is to be constructed. I hope others will emulate this example for the benefit of their communities and the society at large.














Date Created : 11/17/2017 7:25:50 AM