KEEA Municipal


Micro/District Economy

Fish Storage
Fresh fish is usually stored in cold facilities.  There are only two cold storage facilities at Elmina. However, there are no ice making plants.  The inadequacy of storage facilities has resulted in the pervasive fish smoking along the coastal zone of the district. Alternatively, some of the smoked fish is converted into fish powder, which is packaged and sold out to consumers.  This product can be preserved much longer than the smoked fish.

Market Infrastructure

Markets of different sizes and varieties abound in the district. The Elmina fish market is the dominant one in the area. Ordinary markets are found in the major settlements such as Komenda, Kissi, Kafodzidzi, Ayensudu, Eguafo and Abrem Agona. Some of the settlements have no market sheds.  There is always a continuous flow of people especially women traders between the crop producing hinterland zone of the district and the coastal stretch where fish is obtained.  

Traders also come from outside the district to purchase fish along the coast as well as other foodstuffs produced in the Eguafo and Abrem areas with the intention of selling them outside the region.  Commercial and industrial goods are usually sold in these markets. These markets therefore serve as interchange points for all items.  

The major problems faced by these markets are the filth and lack of sanitary facilities.  This situation has overwhelmed the District Assembly. The district assembly has constructed a new market complex at Elmina and is yet to be fully operational.  This is to help ease the continuous pollution of the lagoon by traders who operate alongside it.